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About the company

After an experience that lasted for more than ten years in the UAE, we decided to launch the construction company (Tamleek) in Ajman  to be national company supporting construction contracting work with all the requirements and all the advantages of work items that conform to the standard specifications in the country. The labor market to achieve major achievements and to proceed with a flexible business strategy that achieves its objectives in satisfying all our customers and gaining their trust.

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The company specializes in all items entrusted to be sold in the building contracting market, including constructions, finishes, and decorations, with the best designs, the latest international ideas in design, the best designs, the latest international ideas in design, and the best prices and materials, price for value.


We have the ambition to be one of the leading construction companies in the country. Therefore, we are interested in adhering to the estimated schedule for the projects based on the work of adequate studies for the projects and standing on their requirements and the estimated time for finishing the works and the final delivery of the project. We have facilities and flexibility in prices. We have distinguished offers in the decoration works.